May 2005: House construction pics .

July 2: 2004 Well, here are a few picutres (very few) of our trip to Orlando. I hope to put more pics up soon!

June 1: Well, it's official, we bought the lot today, and are building a house!

May 2004: Well, the news this spring is that Sharlene got a principalship here in Estevan! She is pumped, as are I and the kids. Read all about it here...

June 2004: And because we can't spend her admin allowance fast enough, we might be building a new house...check back here for details!

December 2003: Below you see some pics and panoramas of our basement.


QT #1 - Before                                 QT#2 - After

These panoramas take a minute to load as they are big!